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18–20 August 2020 • International Exhibition Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine

Meibes MeiFlowTop S pump groups: a new generation for boiler strapping systems!

Meibes, a leader in the production of quick-assembly groups for more than 50 years, has released an update to its most popular system for tying boilers and air conditioning systems to 85 kW.
This system is called MeiFlowTop S ("Generation 9") and it is an evolutionary continuation of the "Generation 8" system.
The main advantages of Meibes MeiFlowTop S systems:
  • Increased range and technical content of ready pump groups to cover more tasks on heat supply and cold supply of various facilities.
  • In pump groups and distribution manifolds used special insulation with a laser structure, which has a higher energy efficiency class and stylish design.
  • The supply line on the mixing groups is independently processed from right to left without additional components.
  • Presence of long pump groups with additional shut-off valves on the heat source side to simplify further maintenance of facilities.
  • Special pump groups for working with refrigeration systems.
  • On the front part of the thermal insulation of the pump groups there is a decorative white cover for a stylish modern design of the boiler room.
  • The unique hydraulic arrow, which has compact dimensions, additionally performs the functions of an air separator and sludge trap.
  • Group with a separate trenn-system heat exchanger (based on a plate heat exchanger) for connecting a new condensing boiler to the old system and operating the boiler with clean coolant, or for separating the boiler circuit and the heating system with antifreeze.
  • Wide range of distribution manifolds, which have from 2 to 7 seats for installation of pump groups.
  • Installation of pump groups on the collector is possible both from above and from below, which saves space in the boiler room as much as possible.
  • New consoles with 2 levels of wall offset are supplied with the manifolds.
  • Large range of pump groups: direct, mixing, mixing with the built-in thermostat, with the separate heat exchanger, with a place for installation of heat meters, with the built-in separator, etc.
  • All main elements (pump groups, collectors, hydraulic arrows) are connected directly to each other without the use of any additional accessories (everything is provided at the factory, including cables with angle plugs for connecting pumps).
The video review can be viewed at the link: https://youtu.be/wTT6SlmsRm0
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