24th International exhibition of energy-efficient heating, ventilation, air conditioning, industrial cooling, water supply & treatment, renewable energy, plumbing and swimming pools
16-18 May 2023 • International Exhibition Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tips for visitors

How to get the maximum benefit from the exhibition!
Online registration for the exhibition. 
We recommend you register for the exhibition online. This will significantly save your time on the first day of visiting the exhibition - no need to stand in queue and fill in a form, you can immediately go to the exposition.


Find what you are looking for at the exhibition. Start by identifying the products and services that you want to study and work during your visit to Aquatherm® Kyiv 2022. You can preview the list of participants exhibition on our website.

Effectively plan your appointments.
Sign up for the «Industrial Navigator» service. Among the wide variety of offers from the exhibitors, we will help you find a product / service that meets your needs and requirements. We also plan for you individual meetings with the first persons of the necessary suppliers and contractors.


Спланируите-свое-путешествие-по-зонам-выставки-(5).pngPlan your trip around the exhibition zones. There are many entry points for all the halls of the exhibition. Once you decide whom you want to see, you can determine the most effective way. You will receive an official guide at the reception right in the days of the exhibition. It will help you to easily navigate the site: it will have an exposition plan with stand numbers, a list of participants and a full program of events.


Get to know the business program. We have a full program for conferences, seminars, panel discussions and roundtables. Browse the schedule of educational events on our site and choose the most interesting for you.


Plan your journey We recommend that you get to the venue by metro or other public transport. If you use your own car, please note that the number of parking spaces at the entrance to the IEC is limited.

Always in touch with you.
Join us on social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Telegram - in order to receive all updates about the exhibition.